We treat
Sports injuries
We provide sports specific rehabilitation programme from our gym that will progress you from the treatment table, to the gym and onto the pitch.

We specialise in
Biomechanical Assessment
PMC Physiotherapy are experts at understanding and correcting how your body moves.
Talk to us about
Women's Health
& Paediatrics
Our physiotherapists have many years experience treating affecting, womens health, children and babies.


How long is a session?

Treatment session will typically last from 30-40 minutes.

A Strength and Conditioning Session will last approximately 1 hour

A bike fitting session will last approximately 1 hour

FAQI have never been to Physio before, what can I expect?

Here at PMC Physiotherapy you will be greeted into a friendly atmosphere. Your Physiotherapist will bring you into one of our private treatment rooms for a full assessment and will explain thoroughly what your injury is, why it might have come about and outline a treatment strategy. Treatment may be done on a Plinth (Physio's couch) or in our gym.

Do I need a G.P referral?

No, but if you have one, bring it with you along with any reports, x-rays, scans etc that you may have

How many times will I have to attend?

Unfortunately this is hard to answer without doing a full assessment. However we normally tend to be able to discharge patients within 2 - 6 sessions

We offer early morning and evening appointments where needed and there is free parking just outside the door. To speak to a Physiotherapist or to make an appointment please call on or use the book online form.


Special Offers

Reduced fees for members of sports clubs and businesses registered with the clinic! Ask us for more information.